Well it has been a week or so since I have updated this so I think I need to post. I do have a mild excuse...I may (or may not have) smashed my face into the pavement and ended up in the hospital with an intracranial hemorrhage. Really not happen and not looking forward to seeing the medical bills for that accident...still having massive random headaches but it shall pass within a month...granted I don't smash it again. But anyways...

So as previously mentioned, Tommy and I have both accepted positions to work for Canadian Voice in Nagano, Japan. Last week was spent in Michigan visiting his friends/family. We broke the news to everyone there and they all seem genuinely happy for us.

I have also broke the news, by trying to sell stuff, to my facebook. Not sure how many people actually believe or know that we are leaving July 24th-July 25th but it is definitely happening. We both agreed (and purchased plane tickets the night of my accident!) that it would be beneficial that we both go the same time, even though I have no idea when I start work. I believe that our reasoning was as follows:

1. International flights are scary alone...and baggage is easy to handle together.
2. I could take care of getting things set while he is working (internet, etc..etc..).
3. He knows the language so navigation would be easier.
4. Having someone there is comforting more than not.
5. I could immerse myself in the language and we will have a car so can explore.
6. I would miss him like hell.

So even though I may have to leave the country until I get a working visa...I think this is the best plan...
Also, super excited that we are going to be getting a place together (helps save money and less scary than living alone)...I already told him if he needs space to let me know (as we have only been dating about 6 months so thing whole thing huge...not to mention the new country thing! But we are adventures!)

Onto my next subject...so how many of you have been playing Pokemon Go! It came out a few days ago and is super addicting! A whole crowd ran by us yesterday looking for a Scyther!

I wish I had a good meme to insert here...boo.

Shameless plug...here is a link to my Instagram and Tumbler...Tommy and I might start a joint one...and possibly start Vlogging! Stay tuned.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jhishman/ Tumblr: http://fatalassassin585.tumblr.com/

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