Well it has been a week or so since I have updated this so I think I need to post. I do have a mild excuse...I may (or may not have) smashed my face into the pavement and ended up in the hospital with an intracranial hemorrhage. Really not happen and not looking forward to seeing the medical bills for that accident...still having massive random headaches but it shall pass within a month...granted I don't smash it again. But anyways...

So as previously mentioned, Tommy and I have both accepted positions to work for Canadian Voice in Nagano, Japan. Last week was spent in Michigan visiting his friends/family. We broke the news to everyone there and they all seem genuinely happy for us.

I have also broke the news, by trying to sell stuff, to my facebook. Not sure how many people actually believe or know that we are leaving July 24th-July 25th but it is definitely happening. We both agreed (and purchased plane tickets the night of my accident!) that it would be beneficial that we both go the same time, even though I have no idea when I start work. I believe that our reasoning was as follows:

1. International flights are scary alone...and baggage is easy to handle together.
2. I could take care of getting things set while he is working (internet, etc..etc..).
3. He knows the language so navigation would be easier.
4. Having someone there is comforting more than not.
5. I could immerse myself in the language and we will have a car so can explore.
6. I would miss him like hell.

So even though I may have to leave the country until I get a working visa...I think this is the best plan...
Also, super excited that we are going to be getting a place together (helps save money and less scary than living alone)...I already told him if he needs space to let me know (as we have only been dating about 6 months so thing whole thing huge...not to mention the new country thing! But we are adventures!)

Onto my next subject...so how many of you have been playing Pokemon Go! It came out a few days ago and is super addicting! A whole crowd ran by us yesterday looking for a Scyther!

I wish I had a good meme to insert here...boo.

Shameless plug...here is a link to my Instagram and Tumbler...Tommy and I might start a joint one...and possibly start Vlogging! Stay tuned.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jhishman/ Tumblr: http://fatalassassin585.tumblr.com/
So my boyfriend hasn't told anyone....but I doubt anyone reads this that he knows...so I would like to let everyone know........


When this whole situation stated I assumed we would be living separate in different cities at least an hour away. I was not too keen on that idea but I had accepted it. Somehow, we got lucky and we both have been accepted into the same Eikaiwa in Nagano, Japan!

I am terrified to teach but absolutely thrilled that we will be together in the same city. I won't feel so alone!

We have not solidified the plan yet but I believe it would be best for me to go around the same time (if not same day) as he does. I want to immerse myself in the Japanese language and culture right away! I have about two months to get a bit of Japanese under my belt and I feel this is the best way to do it!

Well, I am shortlisted for the job in Takasaki. Not the worst thing in the world. This means that if the people before me do not accept the offer it just goes down the line until someone accepts.

My assumption will be that someone will accept. That is quite alright as I had a second interview with Genius Educational Academy last night that went well. But Tommy got an offer to a place that is way North of Shizuoka. The job that he got offered seems like a really great opportunity.

So we are back again on what we would do. It is tearing at my heart everyday to not know what is going on. I hate the idea of not going but I am terrified that I will not be any good at teaching or that I will go broke or a countless number of things. It would be my first real step on my own (in a sense) and of course it has to be more than just getting my own place. Instead, the crazy mo'fo' that I am, is going to go halfway around the world. Where I know absolutely no one. Just Tommy. And there is no guarantee we will be near each other unless one follows the other. But then what if the other can't get a job? Looks like a trip to Korea would be in store?

Today Tommy is at a conference so I am hanging out at the hotel. He doesn't know I had nightmares about Japan last night. That I just felt so isolated being immersed in an entirely different language.

Maybe it was because I snapped a tinsy bit and said something really mean to Tommy last night. Something along the lines of "Well why did you have to come back?" I still feel terrible. He never wanted to come back, he got dragged back and then ditched. Now he is finally getting the chance to go back and here I am - an emotional rollercoaster of a girlfriend. Trying so hard to be okay and find a job and not worry. Trying to support without freaking out too much.

Somedays are just better than others I suppose...
Well I did it, I had my first ever Skype interview for a position over in Takasaki, Gunma. Technically, my second round interview. It took place Wednesday 10pm ET which is 11am Thursday (JPT). Quite a time difference.

Which makes waiting all the harder. I am awake all day, rather than sleeping due to the time difference so the waiting game is harder to play.

While this is entirely exciting in its own way I still have my doubts and fears. Moving to a new country is not something that I ever pictured myself doing. I love to travel but to pick up and move to a place where I will know no one is pretty damn crazy. Especially with how fast we are going at this.

June 1st -

Tommy: "Hey honey, Can you read my resume?"
Me: "Of course!"

June 6th -

Tommy: "So, I have an interview....in Japan!"
Me: *blank expression* "That's....uh...great?"

June 7th -

Tommy: "I need to dig through these e-mails."
Me: "How many do you get out there on a daily basis, out of curiosity?"

I would like to stop and take a moment to say, that I meant work emails when we were chatting on facebook....but let's get back to our narrative...

Tommy: Well, I only really went through my major submissions yesterday...and now I have nine interviews."
Me: <.< >.> *dumbfounded expression"

Fast forward through a week or two of a rollercoastering emotions. Being sad, elated, pissed, anxious...you know all the good stuff.

Now we are at the point where we are super excited. Because we are both going to go. Whether it be me following him, or him following me.

Why did we become so crazy?

Oh wait...we already were....

Well, here I am again. Back to blogging about seemingly meaningless things.

I am now 28 instead of a measly 22. More mature, more conscious, and always looking and seeming to find a new adventure.

Now, I know you all don't know me, but from a very young age I have been quite a curious creature. When I was 21 I had the wonderful opportunity to move to NYC and it was such a great experience. After that I went to Pittsburgh, PA to Chicago, IL and then back to my little hometown of Holley, NY. Maybe that doesn't seem like enough places to be a travel bug but I definitely have that instilled in my being....

So back to present day....where I have been back in Holley for about 9 months. And around 5 months ago I met the most amazing man on.....*drum roll please*.....none other than the infamous Tinder!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. There are people on Tinder that can completely change your life. In my case, so far, it has been for the better. We get along to a T. We go on fun adventures practically every weekend. In fact, we are going to Saratoga Springs, NY and Grand Rapids, MI in a few weeks! I've always had an adventurous side and this guy just seems to get that about me.

So what does all this nonsense rambling this all mean? Another adventure perhaps? Or maybe a disaster waiting to happen? But hell, who am I to pick and choose. You just need to go with the flow and let things happen and hope for the best. Maybe the situation won't be ideal. Maybe the feeling of isolation will set in....but my heart has always been what I follow. And even if there are skeptics out there....I will continue to follow what I believe in. And right now, that is us.

P.S. I am currently learning Japanese so I apologize if any of my Japanese is incorrect.. *\(^o^)/*