Well, here I am again. Back to blogging about seemingly meaningless things.

I am now 28 instead of a measly 22. More mature, more conscious, and always looking and seeming to find a new adventure.

Now, I know you all don't know me, but from a very young age I have been quite a curious creature. When I was 21 I had the wonderful opportunity to move to NYC and it was such a great experience. After that I went to Pittsburgh, PA to Chicago, IL and then back to my little hometown of Holley, NY. Maybe that doesn't seem like enough places to be a travel bug but I definitely have that instilled in my being....

So back to present day....where I have been back in Holley for about 9 months. And around 5 months ago I met the most amazing man on.....*drum roll please*.....none other than the infamous Tinder!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. There are people on Tinder that can completely change your life. In my case, so far, it has been for the better. We get along to a T. We go on fun adventures practically every weekend. In fact, we are going to Saratoga Springs, NY and Grand Rapids, MI in a few weeks! I've always had an adventurous side and this guy just seems to get that about me.

So what does all this nonsense rambling this all mean? Another adventure perhaps? Or maybe a disaster waiting to happen? But hell, who am I to pick and choose. You just need to go with the flow and let things happen and hope for the best. Maybe the situation won't be ideal. Maybe the feeling of isolation will set in....but my heart has always been what I follow. And even if there are skeptics out there....I will continue to follow what I believe in. And right now, that is us.

P.S. I am currently learning Japanese so I apologize if any of my Japanese is incorrect.. *\(^o^)/*

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