Well I did it, I had my first ever Skype interview for a position over in Takasaki, Gunma. Technically, my second round interview. It took place Wednesday 10pm ET which is 11am Thursday (JPT). Quite a time difference.

Which makes waiting all the harder. I am awake all day, rather than sleeping due to the time difference so the waiting game is harder to play.

While this is entirely exciting in its own way I still have my doubts and fears. Moving to a new country is not something that I ever pictured myself doing. I love to travel but to pick up and move to a place where I will know no one is pretty damn crazy. Especially with how fast we are going at this.

June 1st -

Tommy: "Hey honey, Can you read my resume?"
Me: "Of course!"

June 6th -

Tommy: "So, I have an interview....in Japan!"
Me: *blank expression* "That's....uh...great?"

June 7th -

Tommy: "I need to dig through these e-mails."
Me: "How many do you get out there on a daily basis, out of curiosity?"

I would like to stop and take a moment to say, that I meant work emails when we were chatting on facebook....but let's get back to our narrative...

Tommy: Well, I only really went through my major submissions yesterday...and now I have nine interviews."
Me: <.< >.> *dumbfounded expression"

Fast forward through a week or two of a rollercoastering emotions. Being sad, elated, pissed, anxious...you know all the good stuff.

Now we are at the point where we are super excited. Because we are both going to go. Whether it be me following him, or him following me.

Why did we become so crazy?

Oh wait...we already were....


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